Friday, 22 November 2013

Today attending - tomorrow speaking #PersonCentred Health and CareCollaborativel learning session .S.E.C.C. # PCIC3.


With great thanks to Dan Harley, Shaun Maher and all the team at Healthcare Improvement Scotland for inviting me to speak on the second day of the Person Centred Health and Care Collaborative learning session taking place next week in Glasgow at the SECC.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to speak at this event about my wonderful mum, dementia, caring, the letters I receive and people I have met during the awareness campaign.
This venue has many special memories for me and will be quite an emotional place for me to speak as in my previous life before becoming a carer I worked there many times on tour with bands.

Speaking at this event will be my most passionate and personal experience as this will be my most important ever visit there.

Thank you Dan, Shaun and all concerned for the opportunity to both speak and attend.

Thank you from a son

You can get more details at the links below

Find out more about the collaborative at: person_centred_health_and_care or follow #PCIC3 on twitter

My 4 short films - dementia - caring 

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