Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Putting care at the heart of our communities

“Our residents do not live in our work place, we work in their home.”
I have been sharing this quote from a care home worker and thinking about it a lot over the last few weeks.
I feel very honoured as part of our ‘You Can Make a Difference’ Campaign and tour across the country to spend most days speaking to staff in hospitals, hospices and care homes, or our next generation of healthcare professionals in colleges or universities.
So often I travel home feeling inspired by the people that I’ve met and pledges that we’ve received.
The quote made me reflect on the way that residential care is often thought about, both in terms of the people who live there and the staff who work there.
Communities are in our hearts, we are the heart of our communities and our homes are at the heart of our community and relationships. This isn’t something that should change when we start live in a care home, after all, as the quote points out – this is our home now.
If we want to create friendly and supportive communities we have to include care homes, the people who live and the people who work there.
If we are going to ask people ‘what and who matters to you?’, let’s make sure we ask the people living and working in care homes too.
What can you and I do to help change perceptions, and make sure that people living in residential care remain at the heart of our communities?
For my part, a big focus of my work through the Dementia Carer Voices project has been about highlighting the unique life stories of people living with dementia and their carers, and celebrating the role of the staff that make a real difference to their lives.
“Our residents don’t live in our work place, we work in their home”. In fact, our residents don’t just live in our care homes, they live in our communities and we can all play a part in supporting them to live well and stay included.
Tommy Whitelaw
Dementia Carer Voices Project Engagement Lead

Campaign Update

Dementia Carer Voices has engaged with over 60,000 people in person over the last 2 years at over 500  talks and event. Collecting 12,000 pledges from health and social care professionals and we’d like to share some of their inspiring words, and help celebrate the work they do to putting pledges in to practice make a difference.

We are very inspired by the different ways individuals, hospitals, universities, care homes and care at home teams have been putting pledges in to practice. 

Read our case studies of how hospitals, universities and care homes are putting people at the heart of their work at:

 You can read every pledge here athttps://dementiacarervoices.wordpress.com/pledges/

Make a Difference tour 2017 Talks January - June 2017

·         09.01.17 Educational Seminar at Strathclyde University Talk with Graeme Morrison from the ALLIANCE.  To MPharm 3rd Year Pharmacy Students
·         10.01.17 Educational Seminar at Balhousie Care Group at Ambassador Event, Perth.
·         12.01.17 Educational Seminar at Huddersfield University.
·         16.01.17  Wmty17 Steering Group
·         17.01.17 2 Educational Seminars at Erskine Care Home.
·         18.01.17 4 Talks Keele University
·         20.01.17 Educational Seminar at Delirium Conference in Newcastle - Q&A with Nadine Schofield from Lets Respect. 
·         23.01.17 Launch of the Specialist Dementia Unit Learning and Development Network Event at Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh.
·         24.01.17 Educational Seminar at Scunthorpe Hospital.
·         26.01.17 Educational Seminar at University of Portsmouth.


·         01.02.17 Attending Focus on Dementia Advisory Group
·         02.02.17 Educational Seminar UCLAN
·         03.02.17 Attending the Scottish Health Council and The ALLIANCE Our Voice information event at Chest Heart Stroke Scotland
·         07.02017 Educational Seminar Scottish Ombudsman
·         10.02.17 Educational Seminar Trainee Nursing Associates, Exeter
·         15.02.17 Educational Seminar GHA Mosspark
·         20.02.17 Educational Seminar Colchester
·         22.02.17 Attending Cross Party Group on Carers
·         22.02.17 Attending Acute Care Network 
·         22.02.17 Educational Seminar GCU – Heart Specialists
·         23.02.17 Educational Seminar RCN, Glasgow
·         23.02.17 Educational Seminar Glasgow City College
·         23.02.17 Speaking MMC phone to add to Queen Margaret University Module
·         24.02.17 Presentation to CNOD
·         24.02.17 Attending “What Matters To You” Planning Group Meeting
·         25.02.17 Attending Decision day North Ayrshire
·         27.02.17 Attending Vale of Leven Implementation Group
·         28.02.17 Educational Seminar Health Education Awards


·         01.03.17 Educational Seminar South Lanarkshire Carers
·         01.03.17 Educational Seminar New Lanarkshire College
·         02.03.17 Attending GHA Art Club to Design GHA pledge wall
·         03.03.17 Attending Dementia Ambassadors Conference 
·         06.03.17 Presentation Dementia Nurse Consultants
·         06/03/17 National Standards and Guidance Development Programme for Urgent Primary Care
·         07.03.17 Educational Seminar UWS Paisley Campus
·         08.03.17 Educational Seminar NIPEC Conference Belfast (am)
·         08.03.17 Educational Seminar Alzheimer’s Society NI Conference (pm)
·         09.03.17 Educational Seminar *2 Specialist Dementia Unit Bridgeton
·         10.03.17 Catch up with Alzheimer Scotland CEO
·         13.03.17 Educational Seminar *2 Hospice Stafford
·         14.03.17 Launch Pledge Tree Park Springs Care Home, Motherwell
·         15.03.15 Educational Seminar Morningside Justice and Peace, Edinburgh
·         15.03.17 Fair for all programme board North Ayrshire
·         15.03.17 National Conference and Graduation Event for Cohort 7 Dementia Champions Event
·         16.03.17 Meeting with Age Scotland ESDP
·         17.03.17 Educational Seminar Glasgow City College (am)
·         17.03.17 Educational Seminar Edinburgh Napier University (pm)
·         18.03.17 Educational Seminar RCN Ayrshire & Arran Branch 
·         20.03.17 WMTY17 Planning Group
·         20.03.17 Educational Seminar Glasgow University
·         21.03.17 Focus on Dementia Steering Group (am)
·         21.03.17 Evidence Health and Sports Committee, Scottish Parliament
·         22.03.17 Educational Seminar  RCN Bournemouth *3
·         22.03.17 Educational Seminar  RCN Bournemouth *
·         24.03.17 Recording #WMTY17 Podcasts
·         27.03.17 Fair for All Programme Board North Ayrshire
·         28.03.17 Meeting at Scottish Parliament with First Minister
·         29.03.17 Educational Seminar *4 Northumbria NHS
·         30.03.17 Educational Seminar *4 Northumbria NHS
·         31.03.17 Educational Seminar Moray

·         05.04.17 Educational Seminar at Healthwatch Newcastle
·         11.04.17 Educational Seminar at Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

·         12.04.17 Attending Older Peoples Development Group Meeting
·         20.04.17 Attending Integrated Health & Social Care Advisory Board
·         21.04.17 Educational Seminar at Erskine Care Home
·         24.04.17 Attending What Matters to You Planning Group Meeting
·         24.04.17 Attending Conference Hairmyers Hospital
·         25.04.17 Educational Seminar Association Non-Medical Prescribers Conference, Manchester
·         26.04.16 Attending Specialist Dementia Unit Learning Session
·         27.04.17 Educational Seminar at Erskine Care Home
·         28.04.17 Educational Seminar at Glasgow City College

·         03.05.14 Educational Seminar Health and Social Care Students at Glasgow City College
·         10.05.17 Focus on Dementia Partnership Improvement and Learning Event ‘on the couch session’ in the afternoon and stand
·         11.05.17 Educational Seminar at Royal Stoke University Hospital, Palliative & End of Life Care Conference, Stafford
·         16.05.17 Educational Seminar in Nursing & Midwifery Conference, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle
·         17.05.17 Attending Living Well in Communities (LWIC) Delivery Group
·         18.05.17 Educational Seminar at Lancashire Teaching Hospital
·         22.05.17 Attending What Matters to You Planning Group Meeting
·         23.05.17 Attending Focus on Dementia - National Advisory Group
·         24.05.17 Educational Seminar at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust Conference
·         25.05.17 Attending Cross Party Group on Carers
·         26.05.17 3 Educational Seminars at Edge Hill University, Lancashire
·         30.05.17 Attending The ALLIANCE Annual Conference 2017 – Register here
·         30 May -2 June Educational Seminars – Western Isles Tour

·         02.06.17 Dementia Carer Voices Alzheimer Scotland Conference Poster board and stand
·         13.06.17 Educational Seminar Carers Trust Cambridgeshire Awards
·         15.06.17 Educational Seminar Huddersfield Town Hall for Dementia UK
       19.06.17 Launch what matters to you wall GHA 
·         20/21.06.17 Dementia Carer Voices NHS Scotland Conference Poster Presentation
·         22.06.17 Educational Seminar What Matters to You event in Belfast with Shaun Maher
·         27-29.06.17 Dementia Carer Voices Parliamentary Exhibition and lunch time event

·         28.06.17 Educational Seminar at The Northumbria Band 5 Nursing Conference

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Putting care at the heart of our communities

“Our residents do not live in our work place, we work in their home.” I have been sharing this quote from a care home worker and ...